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Docklands is Beautiful is a grassroots campaign designed to provide Docklanders with the resources and inspiration to let the world know what a wonderful place Melbourne Docklands is.

The campaign is an initiative of Docklands News and comes in response to a growing (and incorrect) negative public perception surrounding Melbourne’s Docklands.

Negative media is very disappointing for the people who live, work and visit Docklands and absolutely love the place.  Our community is vibrant and strong.  But it appears that we need to roll our sleeves up and simply tell the rest of the world how beautiful Docklands is.

The campaign has come from the ground up.  It has not been strategised, spun, devised, concocted or been influenced by any marketers, PR consultants or any other paid experts.

It has come from the exasperation that ordinary Docklanders are feeling about the seemingly regular negative comments and opinions directed at our suburb.

We say … enough!

Don’t criticise what you don’t understand.  And if you don’t choose to live here, that’s fine.  Just don’t interfere with our quiet enjoyment of the most stunning suburb in Melbourne.

We’re only half-way through our development and we are patiently awaiting its completion.  Docklands is not soulless.  Docklands is not a planning disaster.  Docklands is simply unfinished.

And one thing that can’t be denied is that DOCKLANDS IS BEAUTIFUL!

Shane Scanlan, October 2011


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  1. Guillaume
    October 12, 2011

    It is a great place, and yes it is a work in progress – but there are things to see and do here. You just got to go take a look! Explore!! Bargains, great food, the water and there a Bushrangers I just found out.

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