Waking up in Docklands

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Waking up in Docklands

Waking up in Docklands is a magical experience.

Every day looks different when you wake up in Docklands.  I don’t have a TV for a couple of reasons, but one of them is because there is always so much to see out my window.

I love lying in bed in the morning watching the cars and trucks streaming along the freeways and into the feeders roads around us.  And the “traffic reports” on the radio assume a lovely shade of irrelevance when you only a 10-minute stroll from the office. Did you know that a third of Docklanders walk to work (See a story on this in Docklands News).

Depending which way you are facing, you either get stunning sunrises or beautiful sunsets from high-rise living.

The early morning mist looks fantastic.  And sometimes we are above the clouds.  It’s a magical feeling.

Watching the world pass you by makes you really appreciate inner-city living.

Often I see hot air balloons rising about the city.  They look like exclamation marks added onto the statement: “Docklands is Beautiful”!

Docklands is Beautiful - Oct 13, 2011 | Natural beauty

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