Docklands’ weather

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A rainy day in Docklands

A rainy day in Docklands

There’s a lot said about Docklands’ weather.  Windy?  Yes.  But what do you expect at the waterfront.

The up-side of being exposed is having a very big sky to look at.  In Docklands you can see what the weather is doing.  You can see the clouds and, best of all, you can see the sunset over the Bolte Bridge.

I took this photo walking along near The Hub community centre one afternoon.  It was raining.  But it was like walking along the beach in the rain.

The was a brisk breeze and the light rain felt great on my face.  And how good does the late afternoon sun look?

Docklands is Beautiful - Oct 12, 2011 | Natural beauty

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