Docklands has no soul

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Docklands is almost brand new, with construction on the first apartments starting in 2000, and is only half completed‡. But it has a close-knit residential community who are proud to call themselves Docklanders. Our community is demographically different to the “average”.
According to the 2010 census, our median age is 29 and only 2 per cent of us are over 70 (compared with the national average of 10 per cent).
Docklanders are also far less likely to be married, with only 38.1 per cent being married (against a national percentage of 48.7) and nearly half of us never having tied the knot (against a national figure of 34.3 per cent).
We are better educated and more wealthy than most.
Ethnically, only 37 per cent of Docklanders were born in Australia (compared with the national average of almost 70 per cent) but Aussies are still the largest group.  The next largest group are Chinese-born (8.7 per cent), Indian-born (6.5 per cent), England (3.9 per cent), New Zealand (3.4 per cent) and Malaysia (3.1 per cent).
While 27.9 per cent of Docklanders said they had no religion, nearly 18 per cent of us are Catholic, 8.4 per cent Anglican, 5.9 per cent Buddhist and 5.7 per cent are Hindu.
Does all this mean we have no soul?  Not at all.

Docklands is Beautiful - Feb 18, 2013 | Urban Myths

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