Shed 5

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Shed 5, Docklands

Shed 5

Heritage-listed Shed 5 is one of our few remnant links with a proud maritime past.

Earmarked for restoration, its crane was, arguably, Docklands’ first high-rise accommodation as it was not too many years ago that it was occupied by a very territorial vagrant.

The feisty occupant resisted a number of “raids” by the authorities to coax him down.

Docklands is not the ‘burbs.  Everyday, the centre of the Melbourne moves a little west down Flinders, Collins, Bourke and LaTrobe streets.

In time, the gaps will fill in, more people will move here and folks will talk nostalgically about the “good old days” when the high-publicised trash-talk of sceptics  kept property prices down and allowed the smart investors to reap the benefits.

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