Sublime Docklands

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Melbourne’s Docklands is a hot topic among the self-appointed experts of style and taste. But I suspect that critics may not have experienced NewQuay Promenade on a warm summer’s evening.

As a resident of the Conder, I have come to expect the high winds, the traffic congestion, the lack of open grass playgrounds at NewQuay and the bad behaviour of drunken fools and noisy trucks and motorcycles disturbing the peace at 3am – all of which, except for the high winds, are the result of incompetent planning, mad traffic controls designed to frustrate the locals and the dogged refusal by authorities to even attempt a solution.

On the other hand, Docklands is visually superb providing both Melburnians and tourists a destination for dining and good shopping. Even the high winds have the benefits of providing an alternative to air conditioning on all but the worst days.

But Docklands is at her best on summer evenings when the sun is casting long shadows and visitors by the hundreds come to stroll along the promenade. This is one of the most sublime experiences Melbourne has to offer.

I think Docklands is Beautiful.

Warren Mills


Docklands is Beautiful - Jan 24, 2012 | Natural beauty

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