Tired of all the negativity

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I have been here at Docklands for over 10 years now and watched it develop into the beautiful place that it is today, but I am really tired of all the negativity and ridiculous unfounded comments on how bad it is.
Stupid things about the wind, how cold it is, the icebergs on the water, the continuous media negativity and it goes on and on.
I challenge people out there to simply coming and giving it a go before they comment.
We have great space, awesome residential community, gorgeous marinas and great restaurants.
It astounds me that people think it is cool to eat in rat infested places at the back streets of  Fitzroy that are considered cool, but won’t come and sit at places like Livebait that serves some of the best food in the country?
Docklands is beautiful and unfortunately media has clouded the minds of the people that have never experienced our beautiful place.
Lou Jovanovski

Docklands is Beautiful - Nov 4, 2011 | Business

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