The Kaffir Lime tree story

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One day some garden volunteers came across a beautiful tree
It was large and leafy and made them smile with glee!

They looked closely and discovered it was a Kaffir Lime
There was excitement of preparing a yummy curry at dinner time.

More poignant of course was who was the owner of this beautiful tree?
It was bound to be someone in the Docklands Community!

What does it say about this marvelous Docklands place?
Well, people care and share about this space.

Come to think of it can I just say
There are thousands of people who give Docklands their time of day.

So, if we all take a leaf from the Kaffir Lime tree story
This Docklands place will grow into a place of glory.

Emily Ballantyne-Brodie

Docklands is Beautiful - Oct 27, 2011 | Community

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