The Kaffir Lime tree story

One day some garden volunteers came across a beautiful tree It was large and leafy and made them smile with glee! They looked closely and discovered it was a Kaffir Lime There was excitement of preparing a yummy curry at dinner time. More poignant of course was who was the owner of this beautiful tree? […]

I’ve got the Docklands Fever!

It’s a cold Monday morning in Melbourne. The train pulls in to Southern Cross Station. I know I’m home. The stairs are steep but I feel great. To the right, on Harbour Esplanade Channel 7, I’m sure, are negotiating the Australian Open and many other iconic Melbourne sporting events. Next door at the AFL House, […]

Docklands love affair

Ah the giddy feeling of falling in love. The butterflies in your stomach, the euphoria of knowing that life is good and getting better every day. I’m in love with the Docklands like Carrie Bradshaw fell in love with New York. It matters not whether the rains fall, the winds howl or the sun glistens […]

What the Docklands means to me!

Driving into work several weeks ago, as I do every morning admiring Beach Road thinking how lucky I am to travel down this path every day, the news on the radio came through with Melbourne being voted again the most livable city in the world. I immediately felt a sense of pride. Traveling through Port […]

Balloons in the morning

I like to check where the balloons are in the mornings. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, they either drift from left to right or right to left. I guess this is a shared experience with other Melburnians.  But sometimes in Docklands it feels like they are going to drop in for breakfast! […]

Waking up in Docklands

Every day looks different when you wake up in Docklands.  I don’t have a TV for a couple of reasons, but one of them is because there is always so much to see out my window. I love lying in bed in the morning watching the cars and trucks streaming along the freeways and into […]

Docklands’ weather

There’s a lot said about Docklands’ weather.  Windy?  Yes.  But what do you expect at the waterfront. The up-side of being exposed is having a very big sky to look at.  In Docklands you can see what the weather is doing.  You can see the clouds and, best of all, you can see the sunset […]

Hanging out

I love this picture because it captures what it is like to live and work in Docklands. In Docklands, the water is everything.  Everyone wants a water view and as soon as the sun comes out, everyone heads down to the wharves. I was walking along Harbour Esplanade one day recently and came across this […]

Rakaia Way

Living above the thriving Rakaia Way, we often catch the wafting smells of Cambodian food coming upwards from Bopha Devi. Bopha Devi is a superb eatery and one of Docklands’ hidden secrets, being in a small laneway just off the waterfront at NewQuay.

Kelly country

I live in the Nolan building at NewQuay.  Docklands is pretty windy at times, being on the waterfront. And when the wind blows, the Kelly Gang can be heard going about their bushranging business downstairs. The Kelly Gang (not sure of its name) is a sculpture on the side of our building.  It moves in […]