Shed 5

Heritage-listed Shed 5 is one of our few remnant links with a proud maritime past. Earmarked for restoration, its crane was, arguably, Docklands’ first high-rise accommodation as it was not too many years ago that it was occupied by a very territorial vagrant. The feisty occupant resisted a number of “raids” by the authorities to […]

Docklands blues

There is a tipping point in the evening when day becomes night. Downstairs from me is a bell which chimes three times when the sun is six degrees below the horizon. The bell is an artwork and it’s called “Civil Twilight End” and it is cleverly controlled by software which is programmed to the changing […]

The sprouting hive

The Webb bridge.  It’s a wonder to see.  And it’s even more breath-taking when seen from the inside. One has to walk across the bridge to really admire its construction, which was the main reason I took this photograph. For not having a wide angled lens with me at the time, I had resorted to […]

Urban Monolith

Yarra’s Edge during twilight is truly a sight to behold. This building was silhouetted by an amazing skyline. It gives the sense of impact and grandness that has to be seen. Luckily enough, I was able to capture it in its full essence. It is one of my favourites. For more information regarding this print […]

Kelly country

I live in the Nolan building at NewQuay.  Docklands is pretty windy at times, being on the waterfront. And when the wind blows, the Kelly Gang can be heard going about their bushranging business downstairs. The Kelly Gang (not sure of its name) is a sculpture on the side of our building.  It moves in […]