Further key facts

Docklands comprises approximately 146 hectares of land and 44 hectares of water It is approximately the same size as the CBD grid By the end of 2013 it is estimated that $9 billion will have been spent developing Docklands By the end of 2013 Docklands will have 5400 dwellings By 2025, Docklands is expected to […]

There’s nowhere to eat in Docklands

Docklands is home to eight bars (http://www.docklandsdirectory.com.au/browse/bars), 40 cafes (http://www.docklandsdirectory.com.au/browse/cafes), 39 fast food outlets (http://www.docklandsdirectory.com.au/browse/fast_food) and 33 restaurants (http://www.docklandsdirectory.com.au/browse/restaurants).

And that bloody ‘ferris wheel’ …

The Southern Star Observation Wheel is one of three giant observation wheels (London Eye and Singapore Flyer) in the world and the only one in the southern hemisphere. Standing at 120 metres (equivalent to a 40-storey building), the Southern Star has a brand new geometric design, the shape of a seven-pointed federation star, revealing a […]

Docklands is a planning disaster

Docklands’ community infrastructure is coming in its second decade of development whereas, in an ideal world, it would have been present from the beginning. But it is totally incorrect and insulting to the armies of planning professionals involved to claim that it is unplanned. Docklands has been carefully and skillfully planned with the State’s development […]

Docklands is a ghost town

By the end of 2013, Docklands will have 9000 residents and a worker population of 35,000. Docklands has another 10 years of construction ahead of it and, being such a big place (Docklands is about the same size as the original CBD), it’s easy to find somewhere where you can find refuge from the crowded […]

There’s nowhere to park and, when you find somewhere, it is so expensive

There are 21 off-street car parking centres in Docklands catering for thousands of cars.  Prices start at $6 per day with hourly rates starting at $2. The Docklands Chamber of Commerce has selected on-street parking as one of its major issues to lobby for in 2012-13.

You can never find anything in Docklands

Wayfinding has been difficult in Docklands.  However, the City of Melbourne is part-way into a wayfinding project which is rolling out a series of new three-dimensional maps to help pedestrians navigate their way around Docklands. The Docklands Chamber of Commerce has selected wayfinding as one of its major issues to lobby for in 2012-13.

Docklands is hard to get to

Connected by freeway, bus, cycle, boat, rail and tram, Docklands is easily accessible from anywhere in Melbourne or, indeed, Victoria. Southern Cross Railway station is in Docklands, as is the associated coach terminal where Sky-Bus leaves at regular intervals for Tullamarine Airport. (Note: Southern Cross did not form part of the original Docklands development.) Over […]

Docklands has no soul

Docklands is almost brand new, with construction on the first apartments starting in 2000, and is only half completed‡. But it has a close-knit residential community who are proud to call themselves Docklanders. Our community is demographically different to the “average”. According to the 2010 census, our median age is 29 and only 2 per […]

Docklands is windy

This is correct.  But that’s what happens beside the water.  It’s a trade off that is worth making for scenic beauty. Talk to anyone with water views anywhere in Victoria such as St Kilda, Sorrento or Lorne. They will tell you the same thing.