Docklands photo gallery

Have a look at this for proof that Docklands is Beautiful.

Waking up in Docklands

Every day looks different when you wake up in Docklands.  I don’t have a TV for a couple of reasons, but one of them is because there is always so much to see out my window. I love lying in bed in the morning watching the cars and trucks streaming along the freeways and into […]

Docklands’ weather

There’s a lot said about Docklands’ weather.  Windy?  Yes.  But what do you expect at the waterfront. The up-side of being exposed is having a very big sky to look at.  In Docklands you can see what the weather is doing.  You can see the clouds and, best of all, you can see the sunset […]

Hanging out

I love this picture because it captures what it is like to live and work in Docklands. In Docklands, the water is everything.  Everyone wants a water view and as soon as the sun comes out, everyone heads down to the wharves. I was walking along Harbour Esplanade one day recently and came across this […]