Beautiful Docklands

Beautiful Docklands – even when the weather changes Docklands still provides breathtaking views. David Napier

The self-appointed watchman

Take a walk anywhere in Docklands and I bet the first thing you notice is the flock of … noise. Like it or not, the seagulls calls Docklands home. And without their constant banter, Docklands is not complete. This photograph puts the seagull in its place in the Docklands community. Always there, always watching. For […]

Life reflected

This was taken at the Yarra’s Edge marina (a lovely place to take a stroll during summer). The colours of the twilight sky really complement the beauty of the surroundings. And the forefront of the attraction here (to me) was the yachts in all shapes, sizes and designs. Just beautiful. Pair that up with (part) […]

Our photo

We’ve lived here for just over two and a half years now and are still in love with this beautiful, modern, edgy, emerging community. Whoever says we have no soul does not live here, experience the friendliness of residents and traders and our lovely views. Hope you like our photo. Rose and Graham

Surprising park

City clouds

Why live anywhere else !!

After living in South Yarra for 20 years, my husband and I came looking at Docklands. After now living at Yarra’s Edge for over three years, we would NEVER, never move. Resort living is the only way to live. You have everything. This is the view from our balcony. Amazing. And as for the wind […]

Sublime Docklands

Melbourne’s Docklands is a hot topic among the self-appointed experts of style and taste. But I suspect that critics may not have experienced NewQuay Promenade on a warm summer’s evening. As a resident of the Conder, I have come to expect the high winds, the traffic congestion, the lack of open grass playgrounds at NewQuay […]

Westgate sky

November storm

I was so looking forward to today’s storm.  But it didn’t happen.  At least not for us. It bucketed down everywhere but Docklands. Looking at the BOM radar, you could see it slide to the west of us – out to sea and seemingly all around us. It ended up raining in the end.  But […]